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Sigma Pixel Dome

LED Creative Sigma Pixel Domes fixtures are low voltage, highly controllable LED domes. Ideal as stand alone decorative elements or used in unison with other fixtures, Sigma Pixel Domes deliver strong, manageable LED performance that can be adapted to suit almost any installation type.

LED Creative SIGMA Pixel Domes are waterproof (IP67 rated) RGB LED fixtures capable of delivering precise colours across a variety of installation types. Robust, reliable and supplied ready for use, these low energy lamps are highly controllable via lighting desk (DMX) or SACN/ArtNet as well as being fully compatible with the LED Creative Megabyte Controller.

Cleverly designed and built using state of the art LED technology, SIGMA Pixel Domes are perfectly suited for use as stand alone elements or in groups that can be chased or individually manipulated to create a range of stunning lighting effects.

Housed in sturdy PVC and acrylic casing, SIGMA Pixel Domes are ideal for use in an entertainment, retail or architectural environment to add bright, controllable illumination, to almost any type of installation.

  • High output, low voltage.
  • Powerful RGB LED light source.
  • Robust outer casing.
  • Offers enhanced control of effects over traditional lamps, ideal for chasing sequences or static set decoration.
  • IP67 rated – ideal for use outdoors or in harsh environments.
  • Controllable via lighting console (DMX) or SACN/Artnet.
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