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Sigma Ring

Part of the LED Creative Sigma system, Sigma Rings are  low profile, circular neon-bright illumination units. Quick to install and easy to manage, Sigma Rings are perfect for adding dynamic, highly controllable detailing to any live event, broadcast or architectural installation.

LED Creative Sigma Rings are based around a slimline 750mm diameter, circular housing containing a powerful, versatile RGB LED light source capable of delivering crisp, neon-like brightness that is both highly controllable and easily manageable.

Packaged and supplied as ready to use rental kits, Sigma Rings are fully compatible with standard lighting grip via a 16mm spigot adaptor. Each unit has also been cleverly designed to fit the Portman P1 head, to form a great looking light source that is both decorative and capable.

Built to perform, Sigma Rings offer precise individual pixel accuracy controlled either directly from a lighting console or by using pixel mapping via a media server. Sigma Rings are also fully compatible with both LED Creative BYTE and Megabyte control systems

With four hanging points making it possible to quickly build lines and grids, or to suspend individual rings horizontally, vertically or at any angle in between, Sigma Rings are versatile, modular fixtures which allow you to create stunning digital effects, whether used individually or as part of a full background installation.



product range
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LEDs per metre  60 IP rating IP20
Power consumption  024W Power usage 0.024kWh
Voltage  5V DC Number of pixels 140
Pixel pitch  16mm Operating temp -50°C – +50°C
Beam angle  120° Diameter  Ø750mm