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Alpha Adjustable CT White

Our ALPHA Adjustable CT White high density ultra flex is a fully controllable, highly effective light source. Supplied ready to use, ALPHA Adjustable CT White is perfect as a flexible, lightweight interior/exterior LED illumination solution.


LED Creative ALPHA Adjustable CT White is a premium quality LED flex, manufactured to the highest standards using premium silicone and advanced, robust components.

Perfect for creative media and broadcast entertainment installations, set building or architectural applications, ALPHA Adjustable CT White is a highly effective light source capable of delivering powerful, even illumination of the highest quality. 

Supplied in 5m rolls, pre-assembled and calibrated ready for use, ALPHA Adjustable CT White is super flexible, bright and fully compatible with LED Creative BIT Controllers. 

Cool running and drawing only 20W per metre, ALPHA Adjustable CT White is the ultimate low energy LED flex solution – capable, adaptable and simple to use.