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Track-side as extreme entertainment reaches a new level!

Housed on the UK’s largest ever broadcast entertainment set, Revolutionis Sky One’s new extreme sports show which pits skateboarders, BMXers and skaters against each other across a custom-built course.

Filmed in front of a live studio audience, the show is centred around an extensive track layout, constructed at Cardington Studios against a super-vibrant set created by Scenic Designer Dominic Tolfts and Art Director Ben Telford.

Working alongside the production crew, Illumination rental and installation specialists LED Creative provided their Sigma 60 and BYTE Control system to the show, allowing the team to create the fast-paced mix of electric-bright colour and movement that encircles the on-track action.

The BYTE Controllerunits have been developed by the company specifically to work in unison with their Sigma product range, allowing maximum artistic control with minimum programming time. The compact, slimline LC Sigma 60 LED is the perfect solution for building into complex scenic arrangements such as Revolution, combining powerful, discreet, low energy LED illumination with incredibly precise control over individual pixels.

LED Creative Project Manager Tim Rees comments “BYTE’s ability to control a large number of pixels using just a few DMX channels was perfect for a show of this scale where we were able to utilise the Group Function to allow several outputs to be treated as if they are a single fixture. What you have in effect is a system that gets very close to pixel mapping but with very little setup time and no need for the universe and control overhead that an equivalent pixel mapped system would require”.

Bright, dynamic and highly animated, the Revolution set is perfectly complemented by award winning LD Gurdip Mahal and Operator Ross Williams’ lighting design which adds intense colour and excitement to the mix.

Tim concludes “The Revolution installation is absolutely huge; the incredible set design maintains a stunning vibrancy across the entire installation, from the track to the jumps to the interview areas. The team has done a spectacular job with our Sigma system which works really well against such a dynamic set”

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