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Roast Battle

LED Creativesupporting the crew at Roast Battlefor Comedy Central

Specialistsillumination company, LEDCreativeare working with Lighting Director Stuart Pring on the latest series of hit comedy show Roast Battle.

Filmed before a live audience on a custom installed set at the Electric Brixton Theatre, London, Roast Battlefeatures some of the UK’s finest comic performers pitted against each other in a no holds barred verbal assault.

Helping create LD Stuart’s look for the show, LEDCreativehave supplied a selection of their Alpha Soft Wands, including a consignment of built-to-order 500mm units, all controlled using the company’s in-house designed BIT 8-Way Controllers.

Perfectly complementing the installation, which incorporates a range of equipment from Version2 Lights, the Soft Wands provide highly controllable, linear LED accents across the semi-industrial, ‘grunge’ set design, a fitting backdrop to the ruthless onstage battle.

Supplied as ‘plug and play’ rental units, LC Soft Wands offer a convenient way to build LED versatility into lighting designs. Used individually or in series, the fixtures are well suited to custom installs such as Roast Battlewhere limited access or restricted fixing points might be an issue. Available in a variety of lengths, the 30mm diameter wands are particularly effective when paired with LC BIT Controllers to allow maximum management over each individual unit.

Commenting on the show, LED Creative Project Manager Tim Rees says “Stuart really does make clever, creative use of our Soft Wands. Roast Battlehas a great look and our wands provide the perfect system for adding bright, controllable, details to the set”.

Production Co   Fulwell73
Broadcaster       Comedy Central
LD                        Stuart Pring
Lighting               Version2 Lights
Venue                 Electric Brixton

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