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The Agenda

LED Creative add highlights and accents to ITV’s new political debate show ‘The Agenda’

Working closely with Scenic Designer Sarah Milton, illumination specialists LED Creative have supplied their Alpha 60 RGB system to help keep the vibrant set for ITN’s The Agenda, clearly defined and looking sharp.

Lighting Director Dave Evans has used plenty of strong colours to complement the set with high contrasts and clean lines to keep the viewer free from distraction and focussed on the discussion.

The LED Creative Alpha 60 RGB system, paired with the company’s silent running BIT1200 controllers, has been cleverly combined with the clean architectural lines of the set pieces, to add intense illumination along its edging to provide a modernistic neon glow.

Flexibility is at the heart of the design as the show will broadcast from a selection of studios around the London area, with the layout changing weekly. The set and the lighting therefore need to be both adaptable and quick to set up, to allow for short lead times and fast get outs. Created as a modular system, the Alpha 60 is perfectly placed to deal with multiple installs across a variety of locations.

Project Managing for LED Creative, Ges Smith comments “Sarah Milton and Dave Evans have done a stunning job with the colouring on this show, creating an almost fluorescent look without distracting from the panel – and the intensity works incredibly well against the highlights of our Alpha 60 RGB”.

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