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The Nightly Show

As ITV unleashes its new flagship entertainment in the shape of The Nightly Show, specialist illumination providers LED Creative are proud to be working alongside Scenic Designer Dominic Tolfts and Lighting Director Chris Rigby adding fresh tones and a splash of bright colour to the show.

Recorded live before a studio audience, The Nightly Show features a selection of guest presenters offering topical views on recent events along with celebrity guests, expert analysis and various games – all with a light hearted touch.

LED Creative provided a selection of their bespoke LED systems and rental kits to the show, assisting Designer Tolfts in creating the show’s stunning, modern look. Flanked by a ‘neon’ proscenium arch, the installation features illuminated steps leading up to the stage, all cleverly constructed using custom built light boxes housing lines of clear, controllable LED Creative Alpha RGB.

Decorative elements have also been embroidered throughout the set, including LC Alpha Soft Wands and Alpha 60 RGB Ribbon, smartly placed to provide subtle movement, colour changes and sharp highlights across the set pieces.

Built around an inspired low energy installation by Award winning Lighting Director Chris Rigby, The Nightly Show set up draws only 30 amps, making it outstanding in its power efficiency. The LED Creative product range is, by nature, incredibly efficient to run meaning that even with over a kilometre of Alpha 60 RGB added to the set, the overall power consumption remains incredibly low.

Commenting on the project, LED Creative Director Ges Smith says “The Nightly Show is an extremely high profile production that we’re proud to be supporting. The team have done an incredible job creating the modern, clean looking stage-set within the studio. Dominic has made fantastic use of our products adding intensity and colour to his designs which perfectly complement Chris’ superb low energy lighting installation”

Production notes
Scenic Designer: Dominic Tolfts
Lighting Director: Chris Rigby
Production Company: Second Act Productions
Venue: Cochrane Theatre
Media Outlet: ITV